Modelling the Battle of Borodino 1812

setting the scene.
Poles & Portuguese.
German Allies.
The french.
The Russians.
The Model.
where did this start?.
The Exhibition.

Wounded French line infantryman converted from Airfix 8th Army

Strelets Crimean War Russian infantry part way through conversion to over coated French line

French line infantrymen converted from Italeri confederate and Strelets Crimean War British infantry sources

Strelets Charge of the Light Brigade conversion to over coated French line

Ex-Airfix WW1 British artilleryman


Württemberg and Russian jaeger models prior to base paint application (matt white spray)

Various in early stages of conversion to over coated French line infantrymen


HAT Württemberg officer slightly converted


Polish lancers
French infantry
Murat !