Modelling the Battle of Borodino 1812

setting the scene.
Poles & Portuguese.
German Allies.
The french.
The Russians.
The Model.
where did this start?.
The Exhibition.
The model
The southern fleches is populated by Portuguese troops.  Its flank sees the Württemberg line infantry in square as Russian Cuirassiers pursue French chasseurs and Württemberg chevaulegers to their front.  Some Württemberg light infantry are caught against the northern fleche and Württemberg jagers are on the fleche parapets etc.
Murat is defending himself while Württemberg grenadiers move an anti-horse defence out of his way.
The northern fleche is occupied by a French Line Regiment. They had beaten an earlier counter-attack but are now subject to a fresh assault. French chasseurs and Württemberg chevaulegers had previously attacked this Russian regiment before themselves being driven off
The rear fleche and area around is held by the remains of the Russian Combined Grenadier Division together with wounded, support troops and staff officers
The forest shows the Westphalian attack on Jagers with Russian line infantry coming to the rescue.  A french line regiment is recovering from the first assault on the forest.