Modelling the Battle of Borodino 1812

setting the scene.
Poles & Portuguese.
German Allies.
The french.
The Russians.
The Model.
where did this start?.
The Exhibition.
The Polish & Portuguese allies of Napoleon
The Poles under Prince Poniatowski were mostly in their own Corps, the 5th, but these lancers from the 6th Ulans were part of the cavalry supporting the attacks on the Fletches
The Portuguese were largely unwilling combatants.  During 1808 occupation of Portugal the French had raised a number of infantry and cavalry regiments from the then disbanded Portuguese Army and two infantry regiments formed part of Ney’s 3rd Army Corps.  The Württemberg Major, Faber du Faur, observed that the Portuguese almost disappeared in the assault on the fortifications, “littering the field of Borodino with their dead.”